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Annette Ewins & Brian Traviss

"My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Mr Rod McMullen of Icono on the design of our residential dwelling since February 2011. Mr McMullen has worked closely with us at all stages of this process, incorporating our ideas and offering his own unique solutions to the many intricate problems our house design dreams and geographical challenges have presented. We were privileged to be able to see his design evolve as each aspect of the project was considered and we have a valuable record of this process in the many sketches and plans both his and ours that are now coming to fruition in a remarkable and unique home, 'Claireview'. Rod offered us his invaluable knowledge and enthusiasm for our design and ecological requirements by offering a variety of new and traditional solutions from which we could select or reject products according to our budget and ethical standards. At all times Mr McMullen kept us informed of the legal and council requirements that were part of the design and construction process. We remain very grateful for the time and the expertise he offered in both interpreting and assisting us to complete the legal labyrinth that surrounded this project. He was always timely in providing us with the necessary documentation for the approvals process and it was evident that he had a sound working relationship with council building and engineering officers and a good understanding of local council requirements for this project. Although this has been a lengthy client, architect relationship to bring 'Claireview' to fruition, both my husband and I cannot imagine a building of such appropriate and beautiful uniqueness without the outstanding architectural skills provided by Mr McMullen and the staff of Icono". 

 − Annette Ewins & Brian Traviss
Elizabeth Avenue Residence